Jimenez Joseph of JimiKnits

Jimenez's work is the complete definition of modern meets classic.
Get ready to fall in love with her playful textures, intriguing use of color and totally wearable silhouettes. We're already obsessed, you will be too!

Favorite color: "Blue… but I do have a weakness for greens!"
Fun fact: "I play the guitar and ukulele, but sadly I cannot sing, so I don’t try… the way I see it, I’m doing you a favour! I also talk to my yarns. Seriously. They have a lot to say, you know! 😂 "

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Afifa Sayeed of Afifa Knit Designs

Afifa's style is just SO much fun! We're obsessed with her whimsical, head-turning style.
You're guaranteed to have a blast knitting and wearing her designs.

Favorite color: Blue
Fun fact: "I’ve lived in 5 countries throughout my life."

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Elizabeth Elliott of E. Elliott Knits

What's not to love about Elizabeth's modern style and playful use of color?!
Plus, she knows how to design one heck of an statement-making accessory.

Favorite color: "Moody greys: Nightcap is pretty much my ideal grey."
Fun fact: "When not knitting or spinning, I love playing big, open-world, single-player video games:
sometimes I ride around looking at birds; sometimes I roam the post-apocalypse wastes with my dog and my trusty laser rifle.
It's such an interesting, immersive art form that lets my brain work in a different way."

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Toni Lipsey of TL Yarn Crafts!

We’re pretty obsessed with Toni’s eye for modern style and fearless use of texture.
Check her work out below - you definitely will be too.

Favorite color: Hype Sticker, for its dynamic red and orange tones
Fun fact: "I'm a full-time crochet designer with over 200 pieces in my catalog"

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Julie Dubreaux of Julie Knits in Paris

We've fallen in love with Julie's dramatic silhouettes and jaw-dropping use of color.
Plus, that smile is totally contagious!

Favorite color: Rainbow!
Fun fact: "I was attending a yarn show in Norway when I first dyed my hair teal.
I took a skein of my favourite yarn to the hairdresser's for colour reference"

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Grace Akhrem

We love Grace's feminine style and contemporary approach to color.
Her designs are delicate yet wearable and oh-so-fun to knit!

Favorite color: Yellow :-)
Fun fact: "I have a blackbelt in karate and I speak three languages"

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